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Furnace building kit

HobbyMelter™ Furnace building kit
Build your own furnace the easier way from a kit! When complete you'll have a quality unit specially engineered for backyard metalcasting!

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"How-to" booklets!
Get the low-down on how to get into metalcasting on the cheap!
The Flowerpot Crucible Furnace

The flowerpot crucible furnace
Build a furnace from a flowerpot and melt metal! Melt metal in a flowerpot based furnace with barbecue charcoal as fuel!

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These titles are also sold by Plough book sales in Australia!
Learn how to cast metal in sand

How-to cast metal in sand
The Lab's official "textbook" for beginners! This small booklet explains the basics you need to know to mix molding sand, build patterns, make greensand molds and learn to pour metal successfully!

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