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Flowerpot Crucible Furnace booklet
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The Flowerpot
Crucible Furnace

Build a furnace from a flowerpot and melt metal!
2nd edition
hot pot of molten metal
Melt and cast aluminum and more!
Use barbecue charcoal as fuel!

Start melting and pouring metal easily at almost no cost and while having fun! This booklet explains how to build the furnace and how to use it to melt and pour metal! Perfect for anyone who's never done this before.

I have to be honest, the flowerpot crucible furnace is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to build a working furnace. Take care of it and even with fairly heavy usage it can last quite awhile (mine lasted 7 months and I left it outdoors uncovered and used it heavily). It'll melt aluminum within 10 or 15 minutes and I've gone from a cold unlit furnace to pouring bronze in about 31 minutes.

Picture it... You're at home and just finished that tin of "holiday" popcorn. You know, the type sold around the holidays in those painted cans with three flavors of popcorn in it. The potted geraniums just died so you've got a clay flowerpot going unused. And as a matter of fact you've still got about half a bag of cement and sand in the garage from when you repaired the patio. Why not put it all together and add a small foundry to your workshop?!

I've built several of these furnaces because they're so cheap and easy to just slap together. You probably have all you need to build one around the house or garage right now. It'll also work as a small forge and is nice for heat treating or tempering small tools. You'll also learn how to build or improvise crucibles (the pot that holds the metal) and a simple pair of tongs to grip the hot crucible with.

Cheap to build... cheap to fuel... and easy to use. So why not start melting metal in a barbecue grill charcoal powered flowerpot!? I think it'll come in handy for you!

5-1/2 X 8-1/2 softcover booklet 33 pages.
Heavily illustrated. $8.95 (FREE s/h in U.S.A., international is extra)

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