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My small imported bandsaw

Part 3: Vertical saw converion

I only use the saw in the vertical position so the horizontal features such as the long base were just taking up space. So I cut up my custom saw stand and converted it to a vertical saw unit. - June/22/2007

The pre-shortend stand

Here is the custom stand that I started with. I built it to replace the factory stand which was beyond a joke as far as quality is concerned. This stand is meant to hold the entire saw for horizontal and vertical use.

The shortened stand

After shortening the cross bars and adding a custom saw mount at the top I had this stand which would mount directly to the bottom of the saw without it's horizontal table.

The mounting section

Here is my fabricated mounting section. The two "tabs" with holes take the place of the cast iron horizontal base from the factory. The piece of rebar welded perpenticular to the pipe is to contact the "stop screw" which prevent the saw from leaning too far backward.

A corner was cut out of one of the tabs to clear the bottom wheel/blade.

Welding the stand

Here is an action photo of some welding.

The saw installed

Here is the saw on it's new mounting. It is now strictly a vertical cutting bandsaw.

The vertical saw

Here's a closer look at the new base. I installed a residential light switch to replace the orignal little swtich.

The handwheel locknut

This is the lockut assembly that the plastic factory handwheel (for tensioning the blade) is molded onto. The original handwheel broke so I decided to replace it with a cast aluminum handwheel. Of course the original wheel was made from some of the most brittle plastic known to modern chemistry (this is the second handwheel that broke on a machine of mine during shipment) and was installed by casting the plastic directly over these nuts. So it has to be chisled off!

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The aluminum handwheel

Here is the aluminum handwheel that I cast and installed. It's a bit bigger than neccesary but I didn't feel like making a pattern. So I used a plastic Delta brand table saw handwheel as the model to make the mold. It works great.

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