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My small import bandsaw

Part 2: A new base

I've given an overview of the saw back in part 1 so now it's time to make some improvements. I'll begin with a new base. I've seen a couple of base designs made by other people. One was made of plywood and some others were based on angle iron or what looked like a purchased service cart. I don't like either design and have decided to build a base Lionel's Laboratory style! -- Oct./17/2006

An overall view of the new base

Here is the base with all the welding completed but un-painted. The saw is not fully bolted in place. It may be hard to make out the structure because there is very little structure. I often like to build things with a "minimalist" approach. Meaning using as little material as possible. It may look a bit flimsy but it is very rigid and secure.

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The base removed

The first thing I did was remove the original base.

The old base legs

These folded sheet metal things are the original legs. Extremely flimsy. I was happy to remove them.


I next bent two "U" shaped pieces of rebar. They were not truly "U" shaped because they have flat, not curved bottoms.

I welded three flanges to the bracket in alignment with the bolt holes. This finished assembly is what holds the saw to the base.

A secure handle

Here is what is considered a useful handle in Lionel's Laboratory. It's welded solidly to the front legs. Very easy to control the unit when tilting it onto the wheels for transport.

The new wheel assembly

Here is the wheel assembly. I designed it somewhat like a "wheely bar" on drag cars. The four frame legs support the weight of the saw but the wheels are still in light contact with the ground. Raising the front of the saw a mere two inches off the ground puts all the weight on the wheels and it is absolutely simple to move the saw around.

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The power cord rack

I decided to weld on two short sections of rebar to form a rack to wind the power cord onto for transporting the saw. I never use this rack, I just quickly wrap (toss...) the cord anywhere around the base that it'll stay...

Overall view of base

Here is another view of the finished base. There's almost nothing there. So it's easy to sweep under and around.

A comparison of the height

Here are the old bases next to the new construction. The new design raised the saw about ten inches for a much more comfortable working height.

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