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Here is a list of helpful books for setting up or improving your personal home foundry and/or metalworking shop that I found online. These are books that I consider very useful! Order with confidence from

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melt metal in a flowerpot!

The Flowerpot Crucible Furnace by: Lionel Oliver II
This booklet is straight out of The Lab and has been put together to provide more information on the construction and use of the Flowerpot Crucible Furnace. Up-close photos and detailed text. Flowerpots aren't just for flowers, melt metal in them!
5 X 8 " softcover 33 pages.

make molds and pour metal!

How-to Cast Metal in Sand by: Lionel Oliver II
This booklet tells you all the basics to start building patterns make greensand molds and pour metal into them! It's easy!
5 X 8 " softcover 38 pages.

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