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Since Popular Mechanics™ magazine reviews the latest tools (often woodworker’s tools) I thought to myself; why don’t I do a favor for metalworkers and review metalworking tools?! I am not paid for these reviews nor do I receive payment for any resulting sales. So rest assured that they are non-biased and honest. --Feb./28/2002

Manufacturers; E-mail me if you want me to test and review your tools (especially if you manufacture plasma cutters or CNC milling machines!).

Drill Bit City’s propane drill bit set

Drill Bit City has been on the links page in the suppliers category for several months and they’ve recently put together a nice drill bit set for homemade propane burners. The set is made up of 10 drill bits in the following sizes and quantities. #60 (2); #59 (2); #58 (1); #57 (1), #56 (2); #55 (1) #54 (1).

This kit covers all the sizes you’ll need to build burners for regular aluminum melting or the big iron melting burners. This is a nice kit, and it even comes in a nifty plastic snap-closing case. The bits come labeled with their size on a color coded ring.

These are resharpened carbide drill bits and they drill holes in the 1/8" steel pipe used for the burner’s gas jet with ease. What I like about these bits over others I’ve used is that the shank is thicker making it easier to grip in the drill chuck. The actual drilling area is only about 1/2" long but as thin as these bits are how deep are you planning to drill with it? You can order this kit here.


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