Will Brinkley's oil burner design
Photos and captions Copyright © by Will Brinkley

Here's a duel fuel electronic ignition burner design that Will Brinkley has been working on. It seems to be designed for fuel oil rather than waste oil and the second fuel used is propane. Its a very interesting design. -- Jan./28/2003

1) I had a piece of 6" cardboard tube to use for the OD of the burner. I cut it down to 16 ½" and cut a ½" plywood plug to fit the ID of the tube drilled a 3/8" hole in the center. I will send a little drawing, I went to the craft store and bought 2 of those white foam cones used for silk flowers 1 at 8" & 1 at 12" I then measured the drawing and made the 3 sections of the inside of the burner. I used 15 degrees for the final nozzle. I then covered the foam plug with adhesive back aluminum tape as found in the hardware store.

This allowed me to semi-burnish it when covered making the inside of the burner smoother than the foam could. I took the foam plug and center drilled a ¼" hole down the center lengthwise and pushed it down the all-thread inside of the tube. I then fastened the other parts to the foam. The oil feed tube is ½" conduit (steel) with a .040 welding tip in the end of the 1/8" nipple. The propane injector has a .23" orifice. The ignition electrodes are S.S. units I bought from Johnstone supply (for rebuilding oil burners).

When all the parts were put on the foam plug I slid it all down the all-thread. Put a few pieces of tape to hold the foam down as mine floated up a little when I poured the refractory. (Lite Castite 3000) After the pour I beat on the cardboard tube for a few minuets to bring the big bubbles to the top. I then let it set overnight @ 70Deg. Got up and peeled the now damp cardboard tube off the burner and melted the foam out with my little propane torch. I then wrapped the burner in donated 22ga S.S. Ta Da Done.

2) I pre-cured the refractory along with my furnace. I placed the burner on end over the vent in the lid and placed a 90 watt hotplate in the belly of the furnace. This unit kept the whole thing at 104deg for 15 days (not by choice).

3) The electronic ignition is a 12,000 Volt 60 Milliamp neon sign transformer The unit can be had from any electric sign shop or supply house. Ask first for a non-UL-2161gfp, as all non-protected units are now illegal. They should be nice and help you with a used or out of date unit. NOTE: 12,000 volts will produce an arc (Corona) 2" long getting bit is no fun!!!!!!!!!!!! But safe if used with common sense. If you have questions with this you can post to the forum at Lionel’s site. Here are a few pics of the 3rd firing of my furnace. No spalling whatsoever!!!!!!!

This burner seems to work on a principal very similar to a commercial unit called the Isomax® blue flame burner. This company claims the burner produces blue flames yet there are no photos (at least none that I can find on the site) to prove this, only drawings. :-(

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