Photos and captions Copyright © by Joe Harralson

Joe Harralson an amateur? Get real! Take a look at the quality craftsmanship of those patterns and homemade tools! No, forget the patterns and tools... look how perfect those castings are! I thought the little bit of stuff I did was quality until I saw this... I've got a lot to learn! Great work Joe!

This is my propane burner, made from 1 1/4 pipe. The air comes in the side and the gas through the end. No regulator, and the pipe has no jet. Just extends about 6" into the pipe. Works great and very simple.
These are some fuel injectors I have made, the small one is for a two-stroke outboard racing engine and the larger is for electronic injection on my land speed record bike.
I have two furnaces, this is the smaller one. I built it about 25 years ago and it works great. Made from a 5 gallon solvent can lined with castable refractory.
Some of the tools for the small furnace.
A few of my home made pattern making tools. The wood tool is called a mouse, used for layout work.
Some patterns I have made. The larger pattern is a copy of a Stanley core box plane.
A few of my molding tools. All of them are home made except the two lifters which I found in an antique store in Carson City, Nevada.
My wife and I made a number of boxes as Christmas gifts. These are a few of the lids. She made the artwork in clay, and then I reproduced it in epoxy for use as a pattern.
Pump patterns for my land speed record bike.
The engine for the land speed record bike. I made all the patterns but most of the castings were done by Mark Thomas at Betra Mfg. in Carson City.

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