Gene Elliot's mini furnaces
Photos and captions Copyright © by Gene Elliot

Yep, I'm not the only one experimenting with these mini furnace units. Gene E. has built more than one and for those who don't have the space or desire for the "regular sized" units then maybe one of these are for you. Gene told me that his original inspiration when he began casting was the Gingery charcoal furnace but this coffee can unit can melt the smaller items needed in his shop.

Shows the Coffee Can finished and Im about to vitrify the refractory with a final burn before melting.
Shows the base of the CC with plinth block and burner firing.
Shows some small handle castings and the originals used as patterns.
Shows the tube burner and flames.
Shows a small cast iron pot that I use as a crucible and a pattern ready to be cast.
Shows my burner collection , 3/8 , 1 Thus far I havent needed the larger burners as the will melt anything in my larger furnace including bronze.
More from Gene:
I'm just finishing another mini furnace which I think will even be better than the CC? I needed just a little bigger capacity yet small! This one is made from a water heater expansion tank and can easily melt a quart of aluminum.
This one will sit on a swingarm over my bench so I can swivel it out of the way when brazing or welding.
This is the first firing of the refractory, notice the reflector bowl on top! Its adjustable for height and angle, to capture the excess flame and heat and cycle it back into the furnace. I get a 25% increase in efficiency by doing this! I also will have a cap on the burner port so not to allow secondary air infiltration there.
The furnace can also be bolted sideways to the swing arm so I can use it for a mini forge!
First melt from cool start to melted in about 10 minutes @7PSI
Just completed putting on a coating of ITC100, this should also increase the efficiency some and it makes the interior look nice too! Ha! Now for some black paint to make the exterior look good, and off to the next casting party to show it off on the 30th!

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