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Bruce Metzger's homemade Gingery Miller
Photos and captions Copyright © by Bruce Metzger

Bruce had e-mailed me two pictures of his homemade Gingery style milling machine and I could hardly contain myself... I had to see more! I asked if he'd be willing to let me build a page for his miller because I knew you guys would want to see it also! Am I right?? :-) This machine looks fantastic! Thanks for the pics Bruce.

Bruce says;
"The photo's are of a milling machine built following Dave Gingery's book using castings produced with a charcoal furnace from his foundry book. The patterns were mainly built from pine or plywood. Many of them are for the miller but I have designed many of my own projects. I can't give Dave Gingery enough praise, his designs are fantastic. If you want a miller - build his design - it is great. I have wondered just how many of his machines have been built. If you have built any of them I would like to hear from you and see pictures of them. My next project is his shaper. Feel free to email me if you have any questions."
--Bruce Metzger

Click on the photos for a larger image!

The middle group of castings are the parts for the Gingery dividing head and tailstock.

Complete set of castings for the Gingery 4-jaw chuck plus one extra jaw.

More aluminum castings. The two blue ones are for an adjustable angle plate. The pulley castings are the same as the ones machined for the miller.

Attachments from aluminum castings for the miller. They include a 10" face plate, 5" face plate, universal compound tool and base, channel vice, angle plate, small dividing tool and the long angle plate mounted on the millers cross slide.

More attachments - a better view of the dividing tool, fly cutter, drill chuck on arbor (black),the quill attachment for the universal base (with large jacobs chuck),the almost finished vice and a pair of offset mounting plates.

A 3 tool post for my 6" Atlas lathe. It's an aluminum casting and has been very durable.

Here is a picture of the 3 tool toolpost from the Atlas along with a mini version from a casting for my jewelers lathe with a quarter for size reference.

This is a picture of an end mill sharpener built to a design by Rudy Kouhoupt in the Sept/Oct issue of Home Shop Machinist 1990.

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