Brett Bernardo's Home Foundry
Photos and captions Copyright © by Brett Bernardo

It's clear from these photos Mr. Bernardo plans on doing some serious casting! Its a nice small foundry, complete with miniature propane fueld "jet engine!" A big thanks to Brett for contributing these pictures. Let's let him explain the photos...

"This is the burner disassembled. This is for burning propane. There are 7 set screws in the big black pipe that tighten on the fat part of the burner. I just hose clamp standard hose to the left end and that is a MIG welding tip on the right."
"This is the coffee can I use as a crucible (for now), the steel 'mixing rod', and one melt that I just poured off into a shallow hole I scraped in the dirt."
"This is the inside of the foundry. The insulation is made from perlite and furnace cement. The clay flower pot that serves as the inside lining never thought this would be its fate."
"This just shows the outside of the foundry. Those are a bunch of santas from a Christmas time popcorn tin. It seems to me that the wimpier the pattern on the can, the better."
"This is all the parts of the foundry in assembled and ready to work condition. All that's missing is the propane tank."
"This is a lame photo. It is just how I store the foundry."

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